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My name is Raymond Cook. I’m best known for the emotional intensity of my stories and the depth of my characters. The Railway Children Chronicles isn’t an addition to or a spin-off of Edith Nesbit’s classic children’s book, The Railway Children,         serialized in 1905 and the subject of movies and reprints over the decades. This children’s story of orphan’s in a booming Colorado Western town is quite different, surveying the lives of two dozen children orphaned in the mining town of Silver Plume, Colorado, which has neither a church or an orphanage to help them.

Midwest Book Review.

“Raymond Cook fills this story with images from the old West, building a fictional saga that’s spiced by research on the atmosphere, politics, and social issues of the times. He then tailors the events and children’s’ perceptions of their world for a young audience of elementary-level readers (likely grades 4-6) who will find the wealth of vintage photos of children and settings of the era compliment the story of struggling small children. The result is a realistic, refreshingly absorbing tale       recommended for young readers that brings to life the plight of early frontier       orphans and the processes whereby they are rescued.” 

Book #1 The Railway Children Chronicles is a well-researched, suspense-filled, page-turning orphan story with a happy ending to it.


Book #2 An Orphan With A Destiny will captivate reader’s as well.

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Life for orphan children in Silver Plume, Colorado in 1880 was harsh.

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About This eBook

     Throughout history, wars, poverty, or famine have caused millions of children to become orphans. Reader’s won’t find this novel a sugar-coated orphan story       portraying their day to day struggles to survive easy. It’s my pleasure to share with you, The Railway Children Chronicles. It’s a 260-page page-turner story about two-dozen orphan’s trying to survive in an unruly Colorado mining town called Silver Plume in 1880.

     It’s filled with the emotions and struggles orphans faced to survive. Through my imagination and words, I strive to portray a real-life, action-packed novel that will bring to life the children who faced challenges few of us have ever had to        overcome. Food, water, shelter, and a safe place to sleep we all take for granted. But back in Silver Plume, nothing was taken for granted. The eerie sounds of      someone playing the violin high up on a mountain will cast a shadow of             nervousness over the children as they wonder who is playing the violin and why?

     For an orphan, they felt all alone in the world. This story will follow the lives of orphans fighting to survive by their courage and wits to eat or see the sunrise the next morning. Orphan’s went hungry, were preyed upon, had no shelter and fell ill to diseases. The town didn’t have a church or orphanage, so the orphans were on their own. Businessmen who put them to work paid them 50 cents a day. They worked long hours under harsh conditions.

     Children too young to work held out tin cans to passerby’s begging for enough money to eat, buy shoes or clothes. If they had an older sibling, they stood nearby to protect them. The yardmaster at the freight yard shows several orphans a large workshop no longer being used with a cookstove in it. He and the men working for him buy blankets, and mattresses for them. Soon, more and more orphans take refuge there. The question is, who will step up and save the orphans?

4.5 Star Seattle Book Review, December 11, 2018 by Jennifer Melville

“I expected this book to be a spin-off of Edith Nesbit’s classic children’s book, The Railway Children. Instead, my children and I were in for an unexpected and wonderful literary treat. The Railway Children Chronicles tells the story of orphan children in the western mining town of Silver Plume, Colorado. Cook masterfully transports readers back in time and poignantly portrays the real-life struggles orphans faced in the 1880s. Gritty and merciless, the story follows the Railway Children as they struggle to survive. It’s upsetting and shocking at times, but authentic to the time period and real-life      struggles orphans faced in the American West. There’s no sugar-coating. It’s a tale of survival.

The children face hardships and challenges few modern readers will ever have to        endure, and that’s partly what makes it so powerful. Action-packed, exciting, and        heart-breaking at the same time, Cook’s novel is a conversation starter about this       forgotten aspect of American history. Who will step up and save the orphans?

This is a book to read with your children. It may be upsetting to them at times, but it’s a powerful look at history and something that will lead to unforgettable conversations.

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 Amazon Customer on October 15, 2018. The Author takes you back in time & makes you feel as if you are right along with the characters of this book. definitely a page turner. Highly recommended.


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